You can access your Prime Financial Credit Union tax forms online by enrolling in eStatements with Prime Online or Prime Mobile.

To enroll in eStatements, log in to Prime Online or Prime Mobile and click "eDocs" in the menu (it may be under the "More" option). Once you've enrolled in eStatements, you can access your Prime Financial Credit Union tax forms electronically in the upcoming tax years. 

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What Tax Forms Will I Get?

If you meet the minimum requirements below, you will receive the respective tax form:

  • 1099-INT: Earned $10 or more of interest income
  • 1099-R: Withdrew any amount from an IRA, including rollovers
  • 1098: Paid $600 or more on a loan secured by a mortgage on a property

If you did not meet the minimum requirements to receive a 1099-INT or 1099-R, you can still receive the interest amounts by visiting a branch or calling 414.486.4500.