Reduce outstanding debts to help build better credit.

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Term MonthsAPR As Low AsPayment Per $1000
Up to 24 28.00 $54.92

Rates effective as of April 15, 2019.

APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The above rates are based upon a 700+ credit score and are subject to change based upon borrower's credit history. To refinance your existing PFCU loan, you must add $5,000 to the balance, regular rates apply and you must add 1.00% to rates above. Payment per $1000 based on maximum term allowed for each stated rate.


  • Use Funds to Pay Outstanding Collections or Past Due Debts
  • Utilize Auto Transfer to Make Payments
  • Maintain a Monthly Direct Deposit of Funds into a Prime Financial Credit Union Checking or Savings Account


  • Cash Out is Limited

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