Put money aside to help you save for your goals. 


  • Higher Monthly Dividends
  • Dividends Compounded and Paid Monthly
  • Hassle-Free Saving with Payroll Deductions or Automatic Account Transfers 
Account TypeDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY) (%)Min. Required to Earn Stated APY
Christmas Club .05 .05 $0
Savers Club .05 .05 $0

Christmas Club

Make saving for holiday expenses simple with the Christmas Club. The Christmas Club runs from October 1st through September 30th of the following year. On October 1st of that following year, the Christmas Club's balance automatically transfers to the member's Share Savings account; any withdrawal thereafter is assessed a fee. Prime Financial Credit Union encourages members to set up payroll deductions or automatic account transfers to grow their Christmas Club account effortlessly throughout the year. 

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Savers Club

Saving on your own can be difficult, so let Prime Financial Credit Union help! Whether saving for a new car, dream vacation, or anything in between, the Savers Club can help members reach their goals faster than a traditional Share Savings account alone when they pair the Savers Club's higher dividend rate with payroll deductions or automatic account transfers. Members can assign a custom name to their Savers Club account to help keep their accounts in order. The Savers Club allows for three (3) withdrawals per calendar year; each withdrawal beyond three (3) is assessed a fee. 

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