Never miss a payment again with Prime's free Bill Pay:

  1. Pay bills online to virtually anyone, anywhere in the U.S.
  2. Make single or multiple payments at one time.
  3. Establish recurring payments for long-term expenses like your mortgage or car.
  4. Schedule payments up to one year in advance.
  5. Store your payee list.
  6. View and track your payment history.

Bill Pay Basics

  1. Bill Pay transaction amount limits:
    1. Single Transaction: Up to $2,999.99
    2. Daily Total Transactions: Up to $4,999.99
  2. Overdraft protection and Member Privilege do not apply to Bill Pay.
  3. Funds will be removed from your account after 4:00pm CST Sunday thru Thursday.
  4. If you schedule your payments for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the funds will be removed Sunday after 4:00pm CST.
  5. Schedule your bills 7-10 business days prior to their due dates to avoid late fees.
  6. There must be available funds in the account on the bill payment schedule date.
  7. If the funds are not available, the system will make three (3) attempts to pay before the item will be considered NSF.
  8. Only bills paid within the U.S. through the U.S. Postal System will be allowed.
  9. Bills mailed to a bad address that are returned will result in a $35.00 fee.